Shulamit Elson

Shulamit Elson
Board of Advisors, The Great Octave Foundation

Shulamit Elson is the creator of MediSounds.

MediSounds are unique sounds made with the human voice, developed for use by individuals with illness or who wish to reduce fear, soothe pain and promote calm in the face of uncertainty. MediSounds are a complement to conventional medical therapies. Medicine can be powerful in curing illness and mitigating pain. Yet many feel the need for something more, something soothing and effective that can be used as needed, something portable and inexpensive, such as MediSounds.

As the director of the SoulSongs School, which attracts students internationally, Shulamit teaches MediSounds Sound Healing meditation and other practices to enable the students to awaken their higher self and fulfill their life purpose. She has taught all over the world, sharing MediSounds in places as diverse as the US Capital Rotunda, Tibet House, Sri Auribindo’s Auroville community in India, with Palestinian school children, and with AIDs patients in Mexico City.

Prior to her work with MediSounds, Shulamit had a 20 year business career including work as a Manager of Training and Development at Sandoz Inc, Director of Organizational Communications at Hill & Knowlton, and as an independent consultant on issues of communication. training and organizational development at such companies as Ford Motor Company, and United States Lines, Nabisco Brands, and in raising capital for clients of Asset Growth Partners, an investment banking firm.

Shulamit is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Kabbalah of Prayer – Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey, and the creator of 3 CDs: the newly-released MediSounds – The Path to WholenessBeyond Words – Sacred Sounds of the Tree of Life; and Vibration ~ Shulamit and the Drepung Gomang Buddhist Monks.

Shulamit is the Director of The Great Octave Foundation and lives in upstate New York.

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