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Medisounds Sound Meditations: Bringing Light Into the Dark

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”. Leonard Cohen

The Great Octave Foundation is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization devoted to advancing the use of MediSounds® sound-based meditation to groups, communities, and other philanthropic organizations worldwide. Our work spans across all national, cultural, social and political boundaries.

We are dedicated to sharing a system that illuminates a self-guided path to inner wisdom. Based on ancient teachings, this methodology brings peace of mind, cultivates awareness and increases clarity in decision-making.

Developed by our founder, Shulamit Elson, the MediSounds meditation process uses the sound and power of our own voices to engender calm and a sense of connection, elevating consciousness without having to retreat from life or follow a guru.

The sounds act as keys that open the door to our own inner wisdom – informing every facet of human experience, improving relationships, reducing stress,  bringing profound comfort and a felt sense of connection; we are restored to ourselves.

Experiencing these sounds gives us an understanding of their true power. Through correct practice and continued use, we can awaken to the transformative truths that are hidden in each of us.

The MediSounds sound based meditation is non-denominational and does not conflict with any religious beliefs that a person may have. They complement our common experience of life and provide a path to attaining wholeness while living “in the world”.

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12 NOON EDT (New York)
via Zoom

Presented by Shulamit Elson

These free sound meditations are offered through the generosity of donors to the Great Octave Foundation and will be given every Sunday until further notice.

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