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The Great Octave Foundation is offering soothing and calming MediSounds as a gift to those who have suffered from trauma and loss. Descriptions in English and Spanish. The streaming audio can be found free of charge at our website or at the iPhone store “A Gift of Peace”.

This is an audio recording of Shulamit Elson’s lecture given on March 3, 2019 at the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community (

MediSounds are unique sounds made with the human voice, developed for use with individuals who wish to reduce fear, soothe pain and promote calm. We are delighted to announce that the CD, MediSounds: The Path to Wholeness, is now available. All profits from the purchase of the CD and downloads from this website are donated directly to the Foundation.

The Great Octave Foundation, a 501(c) (3) not for profit organization, is currently incorporating MediSounds into two projects:

The Massachusetts Citizens for Children (MassKids), is a Boston-based not-for-profit organization devoted to the prevention of child abuse. MassKids has joined forces with The Great Octave Foundation to seek funding to scientifically investigate the use of MediSounds as a tool to help at-risk parents cope with stress and control the impulsive behavior that often causes violence against infants. The projects goal is to prevent death and serious injury from Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The Society of Integrative Urology has joined forces with The Great Octave Foundation to scientifically study the effects of MediSounds in calming and soothing individuals in doctors’ waiting rooms or undergoing procedures for prostate-related problems.  The Society of Integrative Urology and The Great Octave Foundation are currently seeking donations to help cover the costs of this project.

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Shulamit Elson Teachings/Appearances:

Columbia University Medical Center ~ In June 2011 Shulamit taught at the Prostate Health Seminar at the Columbia University Medical Center on The Power of Sound: The Use of MediSounds® in Dealing with the Challenges of Prostate Cancer. In addition to the teaching on the nature of sound healing and its applications, participants experienced the power of MediSounds – receiving the sounds, as well as discovering the power of their own voices in producing healing sounds themselves.

Cayman Islands Crisis Center ~ Shulamit taught MediSounds to the staff members of the Cayman Islands Crisis Center (CICC) in May 2011. CICC supports victims of domestic and sexual violence. CICC provides safe, temporary shelter and a protective environment to abused women and their children, and helps them with supportive care when they return home.

Katz’s Corner Radio Show ~ Shulamit was a guest on “Katz’s Corner” WABC AM call-in radio show. Shulamit talked about the profound calming effects of MediSounds on patients with the hosts of the show, Dr. Aaron Katz and Dr. Philippa Cheetham, founders of the Society of Integrative Urology. Click here to listen to the conversation

The Warrior Soul Project

Helping war veterans heal trauma through sound and vibration. Click here for more information about the Warrior Soul Project.

Middle East Initiatives

The Great Octave Foundation is developing a series of new sound-based meditation programs to continue its work with those traumatized by the ongoing violence in the Middle East. In Israel, the Project will work with Israelis and Palestinians traumatized by violence resulting from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, targeting underserved communities within these populations. This project is under development and more information will be made available as the detailed plans develop.

Ronald McDonald House, New York City

From 2009 to 2010 Shulamit Elson, assisted by Natalia Perlaza, taught Sound Healing Meditation to the parents of children with cancer at the Ronald McDonald House in New York City.

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