hudsonOur April 28th tree planting (see below) was a great success. We planted another 100 trees, a mixed selection of red oaks, willows, birches and more.
This brings the grand total of new plantings to 300.

Enthusiastic volunteers from New York City and New Paltz, New York
spent a gorgeous day planting with us, and then everyone feasted on
bbq chicken, and for the vegetarians yummy quinoa salad.  We had some
delays early in the day, when the truck with all the supplies got
stuck in the mud on the way to our field. Fortunately our neighbor
arrived with his tractor and pulled the truck out.  Thanks to the
Trees for Tribs program, sponsored by the Department of Environmental
Conservation and Cornell Extension.



We invite you to our third fabulous semi-annual tree planting in the gorgeous Hudson Valley, 90 miles north of New York City, on the banks of the Coxing Kill.  The planting will take place on our property at the foot of Mohonk Mountain. Fresh air, conviviality and the joy of planting.

For novices, expert guidance is available.

We supply lunch (sandwiches) and a celebratory BBQ dinner to honor our day’s labors (vegetarian options available).Please bring your own snacks if desired.

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday,  April 28th.  We begin at 10AM.

We have about 100 trees to plant. We also need to check on the 200 trees we planted last year.

Read about the tree planting program to protect the Hudson River at

Contact: for information.