Saturday, March 7, 2020

New Paltz, NY

MediSounds® Sound Bath Meditation:
with Shulamit Elson


Saturday, March 7, 2020
3 – 5 PM   Workshop
8 – 10 PM     Concert

Unison Arts Center, 68 Mountain Rest Road, New Paltz, NY
MediSounds®  Sound Meditation Workshop
3 PM – 5 PM
The Great Octave Foundation and Unison present MediSounds Sound Meditation ~ Theory and Practice. In this two hour workshop, which precedes the evening concert,  participants will share in the profound ancient wisdom of MediSounds Meditation and have a chance to go deeper to understand the amazing benefits of this powerful system and to experience how  MediSounds Meditation promotes the healing of body, emotion and spirit.

MediSounds® Sound Bath Meditation, a Concert
8 PM – 10 PM
The Great Octave Foundation and Unison are pleased to present this interactive concert of MediSounds® Sound Meditation based on ancient teaching handed down orally from master to student over generations, and finally committed to paper in the 13th Century where the teachings reside deep in Kabbalistic texts.

Join Shulamit Elson as she immerses you in the extraordinary power of vocal sound and vibration. Experience the power of the human voice to open the doorways to healing and transformation.

In concert, Shulamit will gift you with the specific sounds engendered by all those present and invite you to join your voices with hers to create a unique experience of inner peace and connection.

Shulamit will work with volunteer participants to show how MediSounds, vocalized by their own voices, can benefit them personally.  Guided by Shulamit, participants will practice MediSounds and have an opportunity to explore and ask questions. Suggested reading: Kabbalah of Prayer,  Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey by Shulamit Elson, available on Amazon or at the event.

Please note times below for each portion of this event. The workshop and concert can be purchased separately or come to both for a discounted price.
To purchase tickets please  click here  and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Ticket pricing:

Workshop  3 – 5 pm:       $25.00 + $1.50 transaction fee
Concert 8  – 10 pm:  General Admission  $15.00 + $1.50 transaction fee
Concert 8 – 10 pm:  Student   $5.00
BOTH Concert & Workshop:     $30.00 + $1.50 transaction fee

Note: There are restaurants in New Paltz
if you’d like to grab dinner before the concert.


Shulamit Elson is a profoundly gifted teacher and spiritual innovator. After years of searching within many different spiritual systems from around the world she developed MediSounds, a robust system of sound healing based on ancient Kabbalistic texts. She has taught throughout the United States,  Europe, Asia and Israel and is the author of the acclaimed book  Kabbalah of Prayer ~ Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey. She is also the creator of the iPhone Apps: MediSounds for Sleep and Snap Nap and her audio CDs include Vibration ~ Shulamit and the Drepung Gomang Monks, and MediSounds ~ A Path to Wholeness.

Shulamit will be accompanied by her long time student,Joe Pepitone. Joe is a lifelong Brooklynite, musician and sound experimenter.