MediSounds for Sleep in the Apple App store

Now FREE during COVID 19 restrictions.

Dear Friends,

 Given the extreme challenges posed by the Coronavirus, I have chosen to make my MediSounds for Sleep App in the Apple App Store (which is normally $4.50) free during these COVID 19 restrictions.


Simply enter the key words “MediSounds” and “sleep” in the  Apple App store search bar or in your browser. 


The MediSounds for Sleep App uses powerful sounds made with my voice, based on the  MediSounds® meditation system, to empty your mind of distracting and agitating thoughts, allowing you to gently fall into restful and restorative sleep. The App silences the conversation in your head long enough to allow you to ease into the rest you need. Despite “social distancing”, listening to MediSounds, we feel connected and embraced.

While each individual situation varies, we are all preoccupied with how to help ourselves and our families and communities.  That critical search  for solutions on how best to protect ourselves and our loved ones can fill up our mind, and keep us from restful sleep….and yet that sleep is essential for mental clarity, emotional strength and physical well-being. In this most difficult of times the MediSounds for Sleep App is there for you.
Sleep Well,