Join us to discover inner peace and authenticity with SoundPrayerExperience the ancient Kabbalah mysteries of Sound & Vibration, a path to using your voice to achieve wholeness.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
7:00 pm
WOOM Center · New York
274 Bowery 2nd Floor
(between Houston and Prince)
$40 pre register, $45 at the door


In this experiential evening you will discover for yourself the power of Sound Prayer Meditation.

SoundPrayer Meditation is based on ancient mystical teachings from 13th century Andalusia, Spain. SoundPrayer elevates consciousness and awakens transformational truths hidden in each of us … all without having to retreat from life or follow a guru.

In this interactive evening you will experience calm and connection to a higher sustaining reality. You will also have an opportunity to “take it home” and bring this remarkable practice into your everyday life, connecting to your deeper self and becoming freer to achieve spiritual and earthly goals. 

SoundPrayer is part of the MediSounds® system created by Shulamit Elson.
It is based on ancient teachings about the power of the human voice
to create unique sounds that can transform how we think, act, and feel.

Everything that exists vibrates, and the pure vibratory nature of sound is what makes it such a powerful force. Throughout history, and across a multitude of cultures, it has long been understood that certain unique vibrations made by the human voice are especially powerful and possess an extraordinary ability to influence our existence.

The MediSounds approach allows us to align with spiritual forces and gain mastery over ourselves, bringing joy into our lives. 


For the last 25 years, Shulamit has taught SoundPrayer and MediSounds Meditation and vocal sound-based mindfulness practices worldwide, in places as diverse as Esalen and Omega Institutes, Tibet House in NYC, meditation workshops in Andalusia Spain and Oxford, England, as well as the Sri Auribindo Auroville community in India. In 2001 Shulamit was honored to give the keynote address in Washington, DC to introduce US Congressional Bill H. R. 808 to create a Cabinet Level Department of Peace.

In addition to her workshops, Shulamit works privately one on one with individuals who seek personal growth and spiritual development, as well as those suffering from physically challenging medical conditions.

Shulamit is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Kabbalah of Prayer – Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey, and the creator of numerous CDs including Vibration ~ Shulamit and the Drepung Gomang Buddhist Monks.


  • “Shulamit is one of the foremost practitioners of sound-voice therapy in the world today. Her talent is matched by an equally deep sense of compassion for her clients. “~ Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Weill-Medical College of Cornell University, former Director of Medical Oncology at the Strang Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, author of Sounds of Healing and Healing Essence
  • “Confronting a challenging business situation, the work with Shulamit and MediSounds produced clarity and peace of mind, integral to my finding successful solutions.” 
~ Ron Andruff, entrepreneur, professional hockey player (retired), New York City   
  • “Guided by Shulamit and her grounded teaching, SoundPrayer and MediSounds have become a tangible and powerful organizing pillar of my daily life, deepening my connection to myself, to those most important in my life, to humanity, and to God.” 
~ Dr. David F. MD, Maryland
  • “In what has been a fairly short space of time, I have found Shulamit’s teachings to have been a powerful combination for taking me rapidly out of my rather stuck state and allowing me to see the way forward to being a human being in better balance and able to fulfill my life’s purpose with more clarity, with a sense of joy and excitement once again.”  
~ Richard R., Englan
  • “If you are willing to give yourself the opportunity, MediSounds and Sound Prayer will reveal how close you are to the Universe which is widely denied to exist. You do not have to believe in anything except your ability to make the sounds, to be patient with your practice, and most important, to hear as you connect with the unseen. Yes it requires that you work, that you invest energy and commitment, but the rewards will surprise, then delight you and help you regain a self that you didn’t always know was present.”  JR